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Automobile Registration, License Plates, Inspections

Auto Registration  
To register your vehicles, you must (1) take your automobile title with you when you apply and (2) pay a new resident fee, a title fee, and the cost of your license plates.

The cost is based on the model and year for cars and gross weight for trucks.
Subsequent registration may be handled by mail or in person.

Vehicles may be registered for license plates at one of the following locations:

Fort Bend County  
500 Liberty 281.341.3709
Harris County  
16715 Clay Road 281.859.0685
Waller County  
908 Cooper; Brookshire 281.934.2406
Driver's License  

New residents must apply for a driver's license within thirty days upon establishing residence here. State law mandates proof of financial responsibility (licensed insurance) and your Social Security number.

For more information, call the nearest driver's license office.

City of Katy 281.394.8598
Fort Bend County 281.232.4334
Automobile Insurance  

Texas has a mandatory automobile liability insurance law and if you are stopped for any reason, you can be required to shoe proof of liability insurance. The insurance requires must provide:

1. $20,000 bodily injury
2. $40,000 per person per accident
3. $15,000 property damage

A copy of the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws is available from the Texas Department of Public Safety General Services Department, PO Box 15999, Austin, TX 78761-5999. You must submit your request in writing.

If you are resident of the state of Texas, after establishing a new residence within Texas, you must up-date your license with your new address.

Motorists driving in Texas may not be aware that the state is host to a dual inspection program. Since 1996, four (4) counties in the state have had an emissions based test in addition to their annual safety inspection. Those counties include Harris. Beginning May 1, 2002 the test itself will change to consist of an OBDII test, for vehicles 1996 & newer, and an ASM2 test, for vehicles 1995 & older.
New Resident Tax $90.00
Registration Fees  
Passenger Vehicle $40.00-$70.00 (determined by age of vehicle)
Truck $29.00 and up (fee determined by vehicle's gross weight)

Title Application Fee


Emissions afftected county


All other Counties


Local fees (vary by county)

 $5.00 - $11.50

State Automobile Inspections
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